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School Prom

The coming of age! The last days at school! The end of one era! The beginning of the rest of your life. You school prom is a major landmark in a student’s life. And the best way to capture the fun and excitement of your special evening is with photographs that will become keepsakes for many years to come for you, your friends and your family

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Why should you book Stuart to photograph your school prom?

  • We will attend your school prom free of charge.

       There’s no cost to the organisers at all. We will   

       photograph guests on the evening and if they wish

       they can purchase photographs, but there’s no

       obligation to do so.

  • What is the cost of the photographs.

       We normally print 6″ x 8″  portraits on the evening. 

       These are £10 each on the night

       (£15 plus £3.00 p&p  off the web afterwards)

  •  We use the very latest professional equipment.

       We set up a mobile studio at your school prom.

       We use remote flash triggers and wifi transmission

       of images so that there are no trailing wires!.

  • We are full time professional photographers.

  • Unlike many photographers who advertise for school proms, we do this all year round. It’s our living, so our reputation is at stake. This ensures not only that we’ll turn up at your event – and on time – but that your photographs will be of the highest quality.

  • Do you offer a Pre-Bought system

       Yes – If you want to include a portrait in the Prom

       ticket price or if the school want to pay for it, then

       we have special rates that can work out at on £5 per


  • Is there a minimum you can photograph?

       We can handle proms from 50 students to over

       1000! By having the right equipment and experience

        your  guests spend more time on the dance floor

       that queuing for their photos!

  • We are CRB accredited

       We are fully insured. All our equipment is PAT ested.                      We also carry backup equipment!

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